Leyburn and District Probus Club

Programme of Speakers

     June - October 2017               

                20th June                           Gordon Hetherington                    40 years on the Game


 4th July                             Eric Londesborough                      The Battle of the River Plate

18th July                            Peter Lohmeyer                            The Playboy Club

1st August                          Chris Donnison                             Renewable Energy

15th August                        Mike Irving (Former Tees Pilot)       Title to be confirmed

5th September                    Dave Carlisle                                Swaledale’s Hydraulic Engines

19th September                  Sir Thomas Ingleby                       Castle Life in the 21st Centuary

                                         (of Ripley Castle)

3rd October                         Pam Harcourt                                 I did it for kicks!

17th October                       Ian Court                                      Birds of the Yorkshire Dales

                                        (Yorkshire Dales

                                        National Parks Authority)